This exciting viol consort, consisting of 4 viola da gambas and a violone, is founded in the Spring of 2019. They are one of very few ensembles to focus mainly on 17th century consort music and are dedicated to the historical perfomance practise. Their goal is to inspire the public of today with the music of past centuries and to recreate the experience of 17th century music making and listening. The viol concort was and is music for the elite, for the living room and it reaches for intimite beauty instead of plain virtuosity. 

The Amstel Consort created a number of interesting programs with music from Germany, France and England, in different settings. New (or actually very old) pieces are being discoverred, but also well known pearls are brought to life in their original form. The programs are perfect for an intimite invironment, where the audience is sitting next to and almost in the ensemble itself. If you're interested in booking the consort for your soiree, please contact me via the contact page

Recently the Amstel Consort recorded some demo pieces, to give you a taste of the beauty that is consort music. Below you can listen to the pieces, recorded on June 4th 2019, by Andrea Friggi.



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